Fits 1986 thru 2006 model years


SpecialTFX has the HOTTEST in Jeep Wrangler Gear to make you stand out from the rest of the pack!!!  With over 10 colors available, you can customize and personalize your vehicle!

What we have here is a near-indestructible side window netting system for the rear of your Jeep Wrangler.  This system is highly reinforced to ensure superior wind-flap resistance and is the most sturdy and secure netting system on the market today. 

The webbing used  has a break strength of 1,270 lbs.!!  The nylon thread used to stitch the webbing together has a break strength of 11.5 lbs!!  The webbing and thread are also known for their high resistance to abrasion, wear and their controlled stretch and recovery properties.  They are highly resistant to mold, mildew and rot.



2" hook and loop attachments are used to secure the netting system onto the Jeep roll-bars.  Heavy-duty plastic hardware are used so that there's no need to worry about rusting buckles or clasps, which could weaken or degrade the webbing.  If the netting system gets dirty from mud or dirt, just un-strap the system and hose it down or even throw it in the wash and then hang to dry!!!  It's just that simple.

This system will not effect or interfere with the operation of your bikini-top, soft-top or hard-top.  The area created between the netting and your top will help protect your expensive windows by minimizing un-necessary contact thus causing less scratches and hazing.


 *** Shown here with Rear Overhead Netting System ***

Over 10 different colors available.  Please check our netting info. page for color samples.  Other colors may also be available through custom order, please contact us for more info.

(Wrangler: approx. 15" x 20")

(MSRP Wrangler Netting System: $89.97 USD)

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(approx. 15" x 30")

(MSRP Unlimited Side Netting System: $119.97 USD)

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*** Our netting systems are not designed as safety restraints, security devices or substitute for seatbelts.  Please follow the vehicle manufacturers recommendations for passenger safety. ***