When you go off to work, to a wedding, or a special event where formal attire is required, your jackets are usually wrinkled by the time we get to point "B".  To prevent the jackets or formal wear from getting wrinkled during your commute, you can now hang them behind your seat instead laying them down on the passenger seat or the rear seat.  This is no longer a problem thanks to our innovative Rollbar Hangers!  The Rollbar Hangers easily attaches right around the Jeep's Rollbar allowing you to easily and effortlessly transport your formal wear in the hanging position.  Each Rollbar Hanger can hold multiple hangers depending on the size of the hangers you use.  They are built tough to last, just like our Netting Systems!


Benefits of these Rollbar Clothes Hangers:

(Purple is pictured.  But you will be receiving BLACK)